Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take reservations?

No, currently we do not take reservations. It’s first-come-first-serve, or you can join a waitlist via Yelp.

When do you open the Yelp waitlist?

We usually open the Yelp waitlist at 5 PM, but when we have so many walk-in customers after starting our services, we may open the waitlist later. And when we have too many waitlists in a short period of time(which usually happens), we may close the waitlist early. Please check our waitlist frequently.

I'm on the Yelp waitlist, but we have more than 6 people. What shold I do?

If your party has more than 6 people, please leave a memo in the “Request” section with the number of your party when you join the Yelp waitlist.

I've got a text message that says our table is ready, but I plan going later. What should I do?

No worries at all! We sometimes send messages to see if you can come earlier since we have tables available. You can come in anytime and check in with the host. Thanks!

Where can I park?

Parking information/options for different locations.

  • Daeho Japan Town, San Francisco: Street Parking / Nearby public parking garages
  • Daeho H-mart, SF & Milpitas: At the mall parking lot
  • Daeho San Mateo: Street parking / Nearby public parking garages
  • Daeho Las Vegas : At the mall parking lot
What time is the last call?

At Japantown, SF / San Mateo / Milpitas / Las Vegas:
The last call for lunch is 2:30 PM.
The last call for dinner is 9 PM.

At H-Mart:
The last call is 8 PM.

Why don't you answer the phone?

We are very sorry for not being able to answer your calls. Every customer is important to us. But we get very busy almost every day (especially at dinner time) and we try our best to answer as many calls as possible. If we miss your calls, we are very sorry. For take-out customers, please order via food ordering apps. If you have questions in general, please visit our website for answers.

Can I order ahead of time?

If you want to order ahead of time, we highly recommend ordering on food ordering apps such as DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub.

We take pick-up orders by phone during service hours. ie. Lunch 11 AM-2:30 PM, Dinner 4:30 PM-9 PM. (Please make sure to check the exact business hours for each location. It is under the ‘Locations’ page on our website) However, we often miss calls when we are very busy at the stores.

And please call us to order at least 30mins prior to the pickup time. Pick-up time starts at 5 PM for dinner service because we open at 4:30 PM and we do need time for cooking. And your order can take longer than 30mins depending on current orders at the time of service.


Food Allergens : Nuts / Sesame / Gluten / Shellfish

We use pine nuts in Yuk Hwe(Beef Tartare).

Please let us know if you are allergic to sesame when you place your order.

Gluten-free (Soy and/or Flour):
Seolleotang is Gluten-free.
Kalbitang is Flour-free.
Thick glass noodles in our soups are Gluten-free.
The rest of our food including side dishes contains gluten.

Shellfish (Crustacea, Mollusks):
DAEHO Kalbitang contains Shellfish(Abalone, Shrimp).

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