Story of Daeho

Our story began in 1957 when we opened a restaurant called ‘Kangnam’ in Incheon, South Korea. We immigrated to the US in 1990, with a passion for food. For 30 years, we have operated various Korean restaurants in San Francisco.

In February 2019, we opened our first ‘Daeho Kalbijjim and Beef Soup’ in Japantown, the heart of San Francisco. With this restaurant’s massive success, a few months later, we expanded into a second location in Milpitas, CA in June 2019. Even during the pandemic, we were fortunate that our business continued to grow, and we were able to open a third location inside the H Mart food court in San Francisco in May 2021.

In March 2022, we opened our 4th location in San Mateo, CA., and we are still counting down to opening more locations in CA and other states across the United States.

Our Mission

With our success with ‘Daeho Kalbijjim & Beef Soup’, we are in the process of expanding more locations in the greater Bay Area and as well as in other states across the United States.

We are genuinely grateful that people want to have us in their regions so we can nourish people with the finest Korean foods, culture, and experience. We appreciate our customers for being amazing and loving our food. We would like to pay back and we love to approach more regions and people so we can introduce our delicious food.

Our Brother Stores



Bansang is created by two chefs who are from fine-dining experience. They serve a new modern experience to customers with traditional Korean comfort food.



Bon mot is an upscale cocktail bar, also serving small plates of highly detailed bar food with Korean undertones that are created by two talented chefs from fine-dining experiences.



The Original Korean BBQ All-You-Can-Eat in San Francisco. YakiniQ brings people together with various choices of meat selection. BBQ time=Fun Time!


Jina Bakes

The first-of-its-kind creation. Jina Bakes is collaborating with Daeho Kalbijjim to make a Kalbijjim Croissant – an eye-catching addition to a brand new French-Asian bakery in San Francisco.